Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Best Story EVER!

Here is the best story I have ever heard. 
In my life. 
Ever and Forever.

At the Table
"Mother, Father, and the children are sitting at the table.  The dog is under one chair.  They will eat fish this time.  Vegetables and bread are on the table with the fish.  The girl is drinking her milk.  Father is getting vegetables with a spoon.  The flowers on the table are pretty to look at but are not to eat."

What?  You don't agree with me?

Let me tell you that this story moved me to tears. 
The kind of tears that you just can't control. 
Tears of the they-just-spill-over-and-run-down-your-cheeks kind. 

Not only that but hearing this story also made my heart hurt.

It felt like it was swelling with something that was going to make it burst.

Like PRIDE, and RELIEF and JOY and maybe even some more PRIDE!

Braden sat down yesterday and read me that story. 
All by himself. 
Without any help at all. 
A story I had never seen before. 
Had never read to him.

My son can READ!

Just writing that makes me want to cry... again.