Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Introducing the Lollipop Gang!

I thought it would be fun to chronicle the life and times of our little gang! The kids grow so fast and change so quickly that I just really don't want to forget any of it!

Allie is fast approaching the teenage years and already towers over me. There certainly should be laws that you can not be taller than your mother til you leave home :) She'll be 13 this July and is simply beautiful inside and out.

Cameron will be 9 this summer and has always been an old soul. He's appointed himself as the family peacekeeper. He's creative and oh so compassionate. Clever as can be too!

Next are the twins. Our Thing One and Thing Two. Fric and Frac. Ernie and Bert. Ying and Yang.

Braden and Grant. They turned 6 in October. Those two have certainly made sure that we are not ever bored. I'm not sure that you could find twins as different as ours.

Braden has Mosaic Down Syndrome.

Grant has an estimated IQ of 140 - he's our own little Jimmy Neutron.

Braden is not a big fan of talking and Grant never stops! Braden loves mess and Grant loves order. Together they have shown our family that you don't love someone because of what they can do but because of how they make you feel. I'm not sure which one of them was our "extra baby" but life would not be complete without both of them.

And now for the fifth and final munchkin due on August 8, 2008. Tom and I went to an ultrasound this morning and got to take a long peek at this little bean. Amazing! We all can't wait to meet this wee one. Well, that is the cliff notes version of our little gang!