Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My sweet angel baby...

Has it really been 2 years ago this very day, March 3rd,
since I last lovingly cradled my darling, Scarlett Victoria? 
Many memories from her delivery are so vivid,
so clear in my mind. 
Of all the children, her delivery was the longest and perhaps the most painful - physically and certainly emotionally. 
Even though she was tiny, she was very difficult to deliver. 

It seems somehow fitting that the physical pain matched my heartache. 
But what stands out most in my mind are the hours after delivery that we spent with her.  Holding her.  Loving her.  Trying to etch every aspect of her beauty in my mind - to last me my lifetime.  She was bathed, and dressed. She was weighed and measured and swaddled.  Footprints and photographs were taken.  She was prayed over.  And then we were left alone to welcome our child to our family.  Hours we were given to adore and cherish this tiny babe.  To wonder at her tiny nails.  To imagine what a sundress would have looked like over her delicate shoulder.  Sweet toes that never got to run barefoot through the grass.  So perfectly formed with even a slight smile on her lips.  I am thankful you are mine, baby girl, because each life is indeed a gift - no matter how short, no matter how fragile.  Our little Scarlett Victoria was beautiful, treasured and will forever be remembered and missed by her family.

And so even though my heart hurts every day without you
and even more so on this day -
I refuse to remember you only with sadness or pain. 
I am determined to celebrate your life! 
So Greyson and I are off to buy a cake and maybe even some balloons. 

Throughout my pregnancy you brought us happiness
 and that is what we will be remembering and celebrating
this afternoon on your second blessed angel-versary. 
Because every life, no matter how short, is a gift...