Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monkeying around at the Zoo!

This past weekend we enjoyed an evening at the Columbus Zoo.  The Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio had their annual meeting and picnic there as an after hours event.  The weather could not have been nicer - it was around 72 degrees and sunny!  The venue was beautiful as we ate dinner along the river with the occasional sailboat drifting by.  Plus, the zoo was closed to the public so we had the entire Zoo to ourselves!  Really, it was one of the nicest evenings out we've had this spring.  The kids were cooperative, happy and helpful.  The planets must have been aligned! :)  Here are some photos from the evening:

Allie hanging out in front of the flamingos

Cameron and Grant by the penguins

Braden dragged his sock monkey "Monkey M" everywhere with him

our zoo at the zoo!


Ok - Greyson seemingly not so happy at this moment!


Allie with the stinky penguins!

Greyson looking way cute (and tiny) looking at the fountain

Wonder if they paid extra to have these sailboats drift on by?!


Braden with those same stinky penguins

Allie at the fountain