Friday, April 30, 2010

First Haircut - First Sucker

It was long overdue but it was so hard to take my baby for his first haircut - hard to say goodbye to all that sweet, soft, fine baby hair.  It always make them look so grown up, so TODDLER like! 

But Greyson was getting such a crazy comb-over look that the appointment had to be made.  Of course, I wondered how he'd like it.  He's in that you're-not-part-of-the-herd, wary-of-strangers stage.  Not sure how he'd like sitting by himself with a stranger coming at him with a pair of scissors.  (Not that Amy is a stranger to our family - she is the SAINT who takes on the task of cutting Braden's hair for us.) 

Let me just say one word here... SUCKER. or another... LOLLIPOP. 

As far as he was concerned we could do anything we wanted as long as he got that sucker.  He had never had anything like that before and, man, did it get the juices running. 

He was in heaven with that thing in his mouth. 

He had a river of drool going that probably left a puddle under the festive fun car he was sitting in.

He had a death grip on it and kept looking at me like "Really?! Your gonna let me have THIS?!"

  So, I'm very happy to report that he is now sporting an appropriate little boy haircut -we've said goodbye to the old man comb-over, and he is now looking like a dapper dan. 

Just don't try and take his sucker away!  Good job Greyson!