Tuesday, April 13, 2010

He did it!

Anyone that knows Braden knows he has this unnatural "fear" of singing choirs - always has.  He has never made it through watching a choir or band performance without becoming overwhelmed and needing to take a break from the performance out in the hallway.  I think it has to do with the echoing in the auditoriums, the clapping and cheering, starting and stopping of music and he doesn't know what is coming next.  On the other hand he LOVES music- at our house, in the car, on an mp3 player, on his organ - just about anywhere EXCEPT in an auditorium. 

We were quite suprised when his school aide thought he could do the school's Spring Concert.  She said he had been doing all the hand motions for all the songs and did we want to try having him in the Concert?!  I must admit there was a part of me that was so worried he would get up on that stage, look out and see all those people, or see me, hear all the clapping or have that music start up and he would begin to cry.  I did lay awake a couple of nights trying to play the whole thing out in my mind - all the different scenarios.  Usually they ended with me making some mad dash up to the stage to whisk him away from the loud sounds...

My own heart was racing as they drew the curtains to reveal the 2nd grade. 

Braden is front row far right; Grant is 2nd row far left

You can only imagine the absolute pride I experienced as Braden stood up there with his class, on the same stage as his twin Grant, singing and doing every hand motion to every song. 

Braden is front row far right

He stood up there for over a half an hour, in his spot on the stands, and seemed to really enjoy himself!  As the performance went on I felt myself settle in and just revel in the fact that my twins were in their first concert performance TOGETHER.  And it wasn't long til I had tears streaming down my face and as I looked around I realized I wasn't the only one.  Cameron, other parents, teachers and school staff seemed to be as moved as I.  And it ended with a bow done with such flourish that I knew he was indeed proud of himself. 
It was, truly, the performance of a lifetime.

We've had countless people come up to us since the concert and say how they couldn't take their eyes off of him.  How they have more video of him than of their own child. 
It touches my soul...  and makes my heart sing!