Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Big Kids head back to school!

I'm not sure how I feel about my house quieting down?!  It's great to be able to have Greyson all to myself and he is able to have my undivided attention.  But I'm gonna miss the mess.  and the wrestling.  and the big afternoon pool parties.  and jammy days.  and half done projects sitting all over the table.  and bikes thrown in the yard.  Oh we still have the weekends, I know.  But I love the summer with all my kids home everyday!  However, it is that time of year and so off they went - with their new tennys, lunchbags and backpacks - back to school!

Allie starting her sophmore year - yikes - how is that possible?!

Cameron, Braden and Grant obliging their mama with some picture taking!

Braden starting 3rd grade!

Grant also starting 3rd grade (and waiting on the bus)!

Cameron starting 5th grade!

What a crew!

Here comes the bus!

Off they go!