Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A return to blogging!

It would appear that I had abandoned blogging for good but I've decided to give it another try.  Since my last post, our family has been truly blessed by the birth of Greyson Christopher, born April 8th, 2009. 

He was born healthy and happy!  Such an easy going baby who sleeps great, eats even better and has learned to go with the flow being the youngest of 5.  I think he was at his first all day volleyball tournament when he was less than 2 weeks old.  He has adjusted well to our go, go, go schedule!  We are all totally and helplessly in love with him!  He has each and every one of us wrapped tightly around his pinky.  So the tiniest is in charge and that has earned him the nickname "The Governor".  One of his many nicknames.  Along with "Peach", "Squeet", and "Shockalocka" to name a few. 

At nine months, he is motoring all over this house.  Which means a new vigilance has once again begun to be on the lookout for all tiny items hiding about such as legos, and crayons, and uno cards.  Seems just about the time we have a child be developmentally old enough to not have to be so concerned with choking hazards we have another child.  So, this is familiar ground certainly.  He has also really taken to table food - he was never really a fan of the baby purees - but he does so love the very tiniest of pieces of pot roast!  Go figure!  Not so much for the baby goldfish, or freeze dried yogurt bites, but he's all about some pork loin roast, mashed potatoes and diced green beans.  He also has the cutest habit of wrinkling up his nose and snuffing (not sure that is really a word but it works here) in and out real quick.  That always gets us cracking up which is the best incentive for him to keep doing it.  He also just so happens to be our danciest baby ever.  Any music from anywhere and he is bouncing to the beat.  Funny how with Allie we couldn't wait for her to reach her developmental milestones and how with Greyson we would love for him to take his time.  Difference between your first and last babies I suppose.  They all just seem to be growing so fast!