Thursday, February 4, 2010

The conversations I have!

Anybody that knows Braden knows how he loves his stuffed animals.  He plays with them all the time, throwing them from one room to another, taking pictures of them, bouncing them on the trampoline with him, sleeping with them, and oh so much more.  We often refer to them as his "posse".  Now back when he was in kindergarten, they had a home center.  They could play like they were taking care of a house.  Included in that area was a feather duster which Braden took a real liking to.  Then he discovered that we had one here at home and pretty soon that became his feather duster and was assimilated into his "posse".  Just like one of the herd!  It was included in all those activities I mentioned before.  In fact, a couple of times he has climbed into bed with us in the middle of the night and I have awakened to discover that I had also spent the night with our blue feather duster.  He'd tucked it in bed right between us - covered with blankets and all.  The other day he had gotten home from school and quickly disappeared into the playroom.  He was even so nice as to remember on his own to shut the door to keep Greyson from getting in there (we have that area still for the big kid toys that have many small pieces).  15 minutes later he opens the door and he is standing there with a dripping wet blue feather duster!  Obviously, it had been swimming in the dogs' water bowl.  Yeesh!  He gives it to me to put on the sink to dry (he knows the drill since this isn't the first thing to have ever gone swimming in the dogs' water).  Says "Sorry Mom" and sits himself on the steps.  Like I said he knows the drill!  :)  The other kids are laughing now at him self punishing himself.  It's like he knew he'd get in trouble for doing it but just couldn't resist taking that feather duster for a swim.  And so now to our conversation.  It went something like "Braden you cannot put feather duster in the water.  It will get soaked and soggy and not be fluffy like you love it.  Then you won't be able to sleep with it any more and I'm sure that will make you sad.  So, please, play with your feather duster the way your suppose to and do not take it for a swim ever again. No more water for your feather duster, ok?"  Which he replied "ok" and off he went.  What the proper way to play with a feather duster is I'm not exactly sure.  Just think it must certainly not involve water.  Before kids and certainly before Braden, I never would have thought I would have had such a serious conversation about a FEATHER DUSTER!