Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Frogs, snails and puppy dog tails...

This picture is of Cameron a couple of summers ago.  But you know how sometimes there are certain pictures that just speak to your heart?  These just seem to capture all that is Cameron in them. 

He is totally boy - with all the dirt, bugs, and rough-and-tumble that come with it.  He is an aggressive football player, a hot-shot on his bike and loves making campfires with his dad. 

But there a such a soft side to this boy-all-boy that is his most endearing quality.  He can be so gentle -  just like he is here with this little froggy.  He was so careful and cautious with the frog making sure there would be no long term damage done from their brief encounter. 

But he also carries this gentleness through with his sister and brothers.  He truly dotes on Greyson.  Often first on the scene if he hears the baby crying.  He can also easily get Braden to do things others cannot.  With a hand on Braden's shoulder he often is seen gently guiding Braden on or off the school bus - especially when Braden would rather take a moment to eat some snow or even splash in a puddle!  Cameron is also such an enthusiastic learner - always coming up with crazy inventions or elaborate family games that often go on for weeks (and weeks and weeks).  He has yet to ever get anything but an A on a report card.  He is bright, and friendly and compassionate.  His teacher came up to me recently and said "I just have to tell you - Cameron is everything that is good, and decent and kind.  He knows how to have fun but definately knows when it's time to get back to work.  He loves that baby brother of his - and I have no doubt when he grows up will be a great husband and father!"  I so agree!