Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All's quiet... for now!

Funny right now my house is silent.  Greyson is up taking a nap, all the big kids are at school, this isn't one of Tom's work-from-home-days, and even the dogs are upstairs napping.  I'm all alone in this big ole house.  I can even hear the furnace kick on and off.  I'm able to easily do what needs to get done without any interruption.  But, that is about to change!  Allie will be home momentarily from highschool  ready to tell me all about her day - the good, the bad and the ugly.  The dogs will wake up and come flying down the stairs as soon as she hits the door.  They will get all worked up knowing the stream of kids is about to flow back into this house.  Then within the next half hour, Cameron, Grant and Braden will also come home from school.  They pretty much explode through the door.  There will be 4 backpacks, coats, mittens, hats, lunchbags, shoes, school folders, school papers all strewn around.  Everyone, except Braden, will be needing a reminder about where each of those items needs to go.  You know the "hang up your coat, put your shoes in the bin, put your back pack in the closet, put your luchbag on the counter, put your folder away" drill.  Cameron and Grant will be vying for airtime to tell all about their days and Braden will wait til I pry that same info out of him.  This hootinanny will always wake up the wee one who will "sing" loudly in his room til one of the big kids runs up to rescue him from isolation.  He LOVES LOVES LOVES when the kids come home from school.  And so do I!